20 Dollars = Comedy Show Tickets

October 13, 2008

So this weekend wasn’t nearly as eventful as last weekend; it would be hard to beat it. But I was pretty productive and had a lot of fun nonetheless.

Friday night I met Matt after work at Roosevelt Island, a place we’ve always been wanting to visit but never have. We walked around as the sun began to set and I finally took advantage of my camera’s many settings, including the night setting (see photos). It was really really pretty and the view of Manhattan was incredible. Queens has way better views than Brooklyn, hands down.

Then I had to run to Target in Queens to get Krupa a birthday present. I wound up browsing a bit and getting a few household items for myself, including a mini cutting board that I saw forever ago at the K-Mart by Sleepy’s in MD and wanted to get and didn’t. So now I have it and I’m super excited. Washing the big cutting board is a pain when all you cut is half a banana.

Then we headed into the city and saw Bill Maher’s new movie Religulous. I absolutely loved it and Matt… absolutely didn’t. I thought the Bill Maher’s intentions were great (what exactly is the point of organized religion, how can people live their lives based on unsubstantiated myths, how religion creates more problems than anything, etc) but I think his approach was a little off. He basically came off as an arrogant douche, exploiting extreme believers who don’t necessarily represent their faith as a whole. He focused WAY too much on Christianity, specifically Christians who interpret the Bible literally. Of course they are the most extreme example of how downright outrageous religion can be, and, therefore, they are interesting to watch/be puzzled by. But you know that not everybody is like them and there is more to the subject than the movie addresses.

But I do think the movie was important in that it created an open dialog about religion, and put the issue  of religion front and center in the media landscape. I just wish that Bill Maher didn’t come off as such an asshole. He gives atheists and agnostics a bad name.

The entire train ride home I was trying to convince Matt of how great the movie was and how important it was. He just wasn’t having it. But since we went to a late movie (11:40PM in SoHo) I guess it was important to keep talking, lest I fall asleep on the way home.

Since I got home so late I slept fairly late on Saturday. It was a lazy morning/afternoon, but it felt kinda good to just take it easy. Then Matt and I decided that we wanted to go on adventure. We had about 5-6 hours to kill before the comedy show at 9:30 so we decided we wanted to Dora (aka explore) a new neighborhood.

At first we we were going to do Gramercy/east 20s but on the way to the subway we decided that we wanted to stay in Queens. I vaguely remembered walking near the Kingsborough Bridge with Sarah a few weeks ago and suggested we take the train to Astoria and then walk over there.

Well my memory wasn’t that great. I kinda took us in the wrong direction for a while. But it was okay because we got to walk around Steinway, one of the major streets in Astoria, and look at different stores including Jennifer Convertible.  As I told Mom, the stuff there was nice but I really think I need to stick with Ikea at this point at least for bedroom furniture. I wanted to look at the Ikea catalog today, but I didn’t get a chance. I’ll probably take it on the train with me one morning and look at it then.

So we walked along Steinway and then to Northern Boulevard, heading towards the Manhattan skyline. We actually did make it to the Queensborough Bridge… only to learn that it wasn’t a pedestrian bridge and we couldn’t cross it like we hoped. But it was okay; it was getting dark by this point and needed to head into the city about then anyway. So we did. While we waited for the train at Queensborough I played a bit with my camera again, experimenting with the different types of portraits and the colors.

Then we took the 7 train to Grand Central so that we could transfer to the 6 and explore the east side like originally planned. We walked a lot from Lexington to 2nd, 28th to 23rd. We couldn’t find any restaurant we wanted to go to because they were too scary (like Afghan — even Matt said no that one) or way too expensive (steak houses). So we walked all the way to the west side (I’m surprised my feet don’t hurt) to eat in more familiar territory. On the way we walked along 27th Street, where Jess’ dorm is. Matt’s family happened to be there dropping her off (she went home for the day) so we stopped and said hi. It was a crazy conicidence.

Then, in another crazy coincidence, we were looking at the menu at some restaurant in Chelsea and I see someone frantically waving through the glass. It’s one of my co-workers so we stop and say hi for a minute. That restaurant was both too expensive and too weird so we headed to a Mexican restaurant a block away. I was really craving Mexican all night so I was really happy… Until I got my food. I ordered tacos but I neglected to ask what they put in them. Well, the tacos came with sour cream all over, and tomatoes and onions inside. But I, in the words of Matt, was the BRAVEST TOASTER and ate it! Well, I scraped off most of the sour cream and took out what I could see, but I still ate it.

I have to say, though, my aversion to tomatoes and onions is not psychological. They were in the lower part of the tacos and I as you always tell me to do, just ate them. Well, they didn’t really blend in, and as soon as I started chewing I felt like I was going to throw up. They were pretty gross. I don’t know how you people can eat them. I did survive… barely.

After the food we went to UCB for a different improv show than the one we saw last week. As we were waiting to get in I heard a familiar laugh and, in coincidence number 3 of the night, it turned out to be Sarah and her friend. We weren’t able to sit with them because it was pretty booked up but they were only 2 rows back so we were able to talk a bit.

The show itself was pretty funny. Unfortunately only 2 of the 7 people were performing that night. The story they gave was that 5 of them were invited to a wedding. I don’t know if that’s true or not but it was kinda weird (or as Matt said, false advertising) that there were only 2 of them. It was still funny though. The first half was all improv based on one word. The word that night was yarmulke, which meant a lot of awesome Jew jokes. The second half was a television network based on the contents of an audience member’s wallet. That was pretty funny too. All in all a fun night.

Then Sunday was another lazy morning. I went grocery shopping and then spent the entire afternoon/evening/rest of my life cleaning. Major major cleaning. I cleaned the windows, scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen, dusted and straightened the living room and bedroom, and swept and washed the floors. It was probably a 4-5 hour job all in all. I was all gung-ho about it at first… but now I never want to clean again.

I warned you at the beginning: this weekend was way boring-er than last weekend. But I do have some pics to peruse so take a looky.


20 Dollars = Dessert for Two

October 8, 2008

What a busy weekend! I feel young again.

So it started off a bit… slow. Mom’s bus was, what, three hours late? I really didn’t think the traffic would be that bad into the city. But I guess it goes to show how much I know. At least it was a learning experience; now we know that it’s better to come either Friday afternoon or late Friday night. So it goes!

So while I was waiting for what felt like for-ev-er (just kidding) I listened to music, did crossword puzzles, talked on the phone, and people watched. So many people came and went, and there I stayed. But finally her bus came in and she looked relieved to get off. It actually did work out well because if her bus had come in exactly on time (4:45) it would have been kinda early to do anything. Too early for dinner, too early for our nightly activities.

So rather than dropping her bag (the tiniest bag I ever have seen!) at my apartment, we just headed out for the night. First we went to the Whitney Museum on the Upper East Side. It was modern art AKA not our cup of tea. There were a few Edward Hopper pieces that we liked, but there were also blank red canvases and splattered paintings a la a 3-year-old. But, hey, it was the museum’s free hours (which is why I suggested we go) so it was worth a shot.

Then we decided to grab some dinner in the UES, since it’s an area of New York that neither mom nor I really get a chance to visit. We went to Bistro Le Steak a fancy-ish little place on Third Avenue. It had a really nice atmosphere and the food was pretty good. We both left dinner feeling pretty full.

And then because we were in the neighborhood, mom asked if we could peek into the Bemelman Bar inside the fancy schamcy Carlyle Hotel. We literally were only able to peek in, since the hotel was outrageously fancy and there was a $25 cover per person to get into the bar. But the hotel was gorgeous and the paintings on the wall were pretty special. If anything, the hotel inspired me to want to be rich someday so I can stay there.

By this time it was pretty late, so we headed back to Queens. Went to sleep, and work up late for mom and early for me. We grabbed a quick breakfast at my apartment and then headed to the queer/awesome (depending on who you ask) Wikis Take Manhattan scavenger hunt (a video of the event can be found here!)

It was so much fun! Basically it was a scavenger hunt with a purpose. Many wikipedia articles about places and things in Manhattan are missing a visual. So our goal was to hit as many spots and photograph as many places/objects in the city as we could in six hours, in order to improve these New York-related wikipedia entires. Mom and I decided that we wanted to get as many as we could, but we weren’t necessarily obsessed with winning. We just wanted to do well and explore some new areas of the city.

First we took the 8th Avenue line down to World Trade Center so then we could explore some parts of the Financial District that mom was completely unfamiliar with and I was pretty unfamiliar with. My dorm last year was on the east side of the Financial district, and when I did go to the west side it was usually just to go to the movies. So I never really went to Wall Street or the heart of downtown New York.

So we went around lower Manhattan, taking pictures on Broadway, Broad Street, Wall Street, among others. We also went to Trinity Church to take some photos of famous guys’ graves (including Albert Gallatin, who co-founed NYU. Matt nearly died). I have to say, the graveyard was pretty creepy. Thank god it was bright and sunny, otherwise I would have been a bit scared.

So we spent a LONG time in the financial district, taking our time and just walking around the streets. Some of the pics we took were pretty boring; they were just shots of important buildings. But others, which I’ve posted here, were a bit more fun. Our favorite photo of the day was actually taken in the financial district. I’m not going to say which one… you have to guess!

So I’d say we spent a majority of our time downtown. At least three, if not four, hours. Then we headed to west Chelsea — 17th-24th streets, 8th-11th avenues. I didn’t realize how artsy that area was. Usually I don’t go past 9th avenue, so I had no idea. There were a ton of galleries (modern art AKA el terrible), but it was still a fun, lively place. So we took some more photos and, again, took our time meandering around streets.

By that point, it was time to head back to the meeting spot which was in the West Village. While everybody’s photos were being uploaded to the computers and the scores were being tallied, we all hung out on the roof deck and had some snacks and pizza. The wikipedia entry for this event said there were over 50 participants and that sounds about right. So a nice number of people, but not too too many. Mom and I got a primo spot on one of the couches and were munched on pizza and mom got drunk off wine (not really; I wish).

Because there were more people than they expected, it was taking them longer than they expected to tally the results. But that was fine with us; we didn’t really have anywhere to go at that time, so we were more than happy to just hang out and rest our feet on their deck.

And then, finally, it was time for the results… drum roll please… we came in… less than 7th place! That’s right, they gave prizes to the top 7 teams (remember, only 50 people were there) and we got nada. But that’s no big deal because I won something far greater than any prize they could give me. A fun afternoon with my mom? No. (Well yes, but that’s not what I was thinking of). I won the knowledge that I would be great on Amazing Race! I navigated that graveyard map like a pro and I was able to find places in a big city. Amazing Race… here I come!

So after finding out we were big losers we were off to Upright Citizens Brigade for Let’s Make a Ball, the improv sketch comedy we saw last time you guys were in the city. Mom, being the worry wort that she is, mentioned SEVERAL times that she was worried it would be sold out. “What if there sold out?” “Do you think they’ll be sold out?” “What are we gonna do if they’re sold out?” She was acting like she was stranded on Antarctica and she was about to miss the annual flight to the mainland. “Chill out,” I told her. “They’re not going to be sold out.”

Well. They were sold out. I don’t think mom said the exact phrase “I told you so” but I know she was thinking it, so she may as well have just said it. It wasn’t the end of the world like she feared, though. We just waited in the standby line, got tickets, and managed to grab two of the last seats in the theater (everyone after us had to either stand or sit on the floor). I thought the show was pretty funny. Even after asking mom, I’m not entirely sure what she thought of the show. I think it may have been a bit raunchy for my goody-goody mother considering the title of the show was “Baby got back horny have babies.” But I was laughing a lot and had a good time.

So after burning all those calories laughing, we had no choice but to replenish said calories by taking a trip FINALLY to Serendipity. I’m not sure how many times I’ve thought about going, talked about going, and have actually gone but refused to wait in there ridiculous line. But it’s safe to say that number is pretty high, and it was about time I finally went inside. So the wait was about 45 minutes (it wound up being less). So to kill the time, we walked a block down to Dylan’s Candy Bar AKA Jennifer’s greatest dream come true. We schmied, took Jennifer imitation photos, and gawked at how much (expensive) candy people were buying.

After our little excursion we were seated. The place is pretty cute; there are a ton of Tiffany lamps and old-style French menus. The photos of the place don’t really do it justice; it’s a lot nicer than the pictures make it out to be. We got, of course, there famous hot chocolate. (This little treasure that we’ve been wanting for god knows how long was my $20 expenditure of the week) After all that waiting, I have to say… it was worth it! It was delicious. Kind of like chocolate milk (so mom says; I’m allergic) or a chocolate shake. But somehow different. Like nothing I’ve ever had before. It was amazing and WAY too big. Neither of us were even close to finishing our treats. They really are meant to share, but, of course, the restaurant realizes that which is why they mandate a certain minimum per person. Therefore, no sharing. Awesome.

By this time it was late for me and beyond late for mom. We went back to Queens and again slept in. Sunday morning we went to a bakery and the bagel shop. The bakery was actually recommended to me by Aunt Susan. Somebody brought ruggalah for Grandma there and she loved it. I have to say, I agree. The chocolate cookies I had were A-MA-ZING. I typically don’t go for those small bakery cookies. I like the big giant ones, but I’m not a huge fan of the small ones. But after that (expensive!) sampling, I have to say… I’m converted.

Then, thanks to Matt, we headed to the Austin Street Fall Festival. I say thanks to Matt because he emailed me about this event weeks ago and told me to put it on my calendar. I did and forgot about it — until I got an email reminder about it Saturday. So after our brunch we headed to Austin Street. We were a little disappointed we ate though; they had so much food including my favorite street food of all… chocolate covered bananas. But it was probably for the best; bagels and bakery are bad enough, that food was even worse. So we took our time, going from booth to booth.

I’d say this festival was better than most NYC festivals because they had more handmade booths than they did mass-produced crap booths. Unfortunately, I didn’t really see any jewelry that knocked my socks off, so I didn’t get any. But I did see pashminas for dirt cheap… so naturally I got four! I’m so excited; I love wearing scarves. In fact for the next three Mondays I’ll be wearing a different pashmina to work (I already wore my light blue one this Monday — see the photos).

They did have one booth even better than pashminas (I know, can you believe it?). Pickles!! The bright green, barely pickle pickles that mom and I love and never find! So we got a nice big container of pickles that I can savor for, oh, the next week or so. I had one with dinner tonight and it was delish!

So after the festival we packed mom up (boo) and headed to Hell’s Kitchen for the weekly Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market. Mom and I both felt the same way about it: it was fun to look around, but we kind of wish we were in the market for some of the items they had. They did have a bunch of old scarves (I’m really into scarves, can’t you tell) but none of them popped out to me. So we browsed and left empty handed. With a little bit of time before we needed to head to the bus, we stopped into a restaurant we passed on 9th Avenue. It was delicious. The bread was BEYOND amazing. I would go back for the bread alone. We shared a bunch of dishes and had the perfect super late lunch/super early dinner.

Everything was timed perfectly, because by the time we finished eating it was time to go to the bus. I warned mom that people got there early and boy was I right. I think we got there 20 or maybe 25 minutes before the bus was due in and there was already a huge line. Mom boarded her bus safe and sound and that’s how my fun weekend ended.

Not…! I was so inspired by all our busy-ness I decided to keep it up. I had so much fun at UCB on Saturday and was dying to go back again. So Matt and I decided to go to ASSSSCAT, one of their more famous shows. We knew it was popular and had no idea what to expect in terms of lines/tickets, but we decided to go ahead and live it up. First we got in line for 9:30 free show (I was right, mom, the later show is free). That translates to a 3+ hour wait, which thinking back was kinda crazy. I don’t remember how but I got to talking to the couple next to us (I know, wtf) and they told us to just wait in the standby line and they’d save us a seat. That was kinda incredible; makes me almost want to be nice to people. So we headed to the standby line, which was way shorter than I thought. The reason I didn’t initially go into the standby line was because I thought it stretched all the way to 8th Avenue. But I was wrong. People were just scattered around, not in the line. So we got in on the standby line, got seats, and laughed our butts off.

Horatio Sanz was there. He was COMPLETELY unrecognizable because he was missing about 30 pounds. Matt firmly believes that he’s suffering from the Josh Peck-complex (ask Jennifer) and he absolutely will not got a job unless he gains back his weight. But seriously, when I say unrecognizable I mean unrecognizable. It wasn’t until another comedian said his name and I listened to the voice that I actually realized who he was.

The only other semi-famous person there was Rob Riggle, a corespondent for the Daily Show. I’m not too crazy about him on the show, but at UCB he was hilarious; one of my favorites.

So that was tons of fun. Then we went to this dinner right by the theater that we always pass and say “hey, we should go there” but never actually go to. I had banana pancakes and they were scrumptious. I also took the opportunity to fill Matt in on our weekend, including the most amazing restaurant bread I’ve ever had. The convo went something like this…

E: Mom and I went to this great restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen.

M: What’s it called?

E: Hmm… I don’t remember. I have the menu, though [Start to pull out menu and read the name] It’s called Marios–

M: Omigod, give me that! Mario’s Trattoria! I’ve been there a bunch of times! My friends used to work there and live in the apartment above there! Omigod! Omigod! (Basically he freaks out/calls his friends/freaks out some more).

Small world, basically.

And, THAT, was the end of my amazing, spectacular weekend. Like I said, I wore my new pashmina and had a pickle with dinner tonight, so the remnants of my weekend remain. It was tons of fun and we should do it more often (ie, next weekend).

Check out the photos. They’re a mix of Wikipedia and personal shots. I’ll keep looking to see why they update the article about the event. For the spring event they include a link to all the posts that include new photos from the scavenger hunt. Hopefully they’ll do that again so we can see if we’re published artists!

20 Dollars = 10 Lottery Tickets

September 29, 2008

I know you guys are in Pittsburgh and won’t read this for a few days, but I figured now would be a good time to update about my weekend.

So Friday night I met with Matt and we went to our favorite Chinese place in Union Square. It was yummy (as usual) plus I get to bring the leftovers to work for lunch tomorrow. Afterward we walked off our dinner and headed to Jess’ dorm which is in Chelsea. We hung out with her for a few hours. I also had my first and only — knock on wood — cockroach sighting. There was a cockroach in her suitemates’ bathroom and it was HUGE. Just thinking about it grosses me out. It makes me want to throw away my trash every hour rather than every night. If I ever get a cockroach in my apartment and I’m alone I seriously don’t know what I’ll do. Probably call 911 and take it from there.

Then Saturday I had the whole day free because some LOSER canceled on me again (I’m starting to sense a pattern). It was a miserable, grey day but I didn’t want to stay in all day and be a lazy bum. So I decided to head to Union Square and go to the farmer’s market and Barnes & Noble (I have a $60+ store credit that’s burning a hole in my pocket). The farmer’s market was INCREDIBLE! I’ve only ever gone during the spring/summer and they never have the type of produce I like. I usually just get apples and that’s about it. Well, not this weekend. I got apples, peaches, peppers (red, green, AND yellow), cucumbers, and string beans. The prices were better than the grocery store and they look gorgeous. Matt and I had some of the string beans tonight and they were DELISH. I’m excited to make myself a huge salad for lunch on Tuesday.

I hung out for a while in Barnes & Noble. I wanted to look for a puzzle book that I can bring for my commute. But then I came across a Crossword Puzzle Handbook, which was basically a dictionary of 1,000 common crossword puzzle clues. So I sat myself down and started studying! I was thinking of actually buying the book, but I realized that I was glazing over most of it and only a handful of words were sticking out to me. So I wrote down all the ones I recognized (which Matt thought was pretty loserish). So now if Adele Astaire, Rene Auberjonois, or Omar Khayyam come up, I am finally ready!

Then Saturday night we had dinner with Jess again. We got a pie at a pizza place by her dorm/work, which I’ve been to before and really really like. It was delicious and nice and leisurely. Then Matt and I headed back to the Hills of Forest. We had fondue (thanks, Jennifer!) and watched SNL. The opening skit was pretty funny but other than that… eh. SNL needs some major work.

And then this morning I slept pretty late, made some banana pancakes (yum), and did some boring around-the-house stuff. I did a load of laundry, went to Key Food, and (sob) switched out my summer clothes/shoes for fall clothes/shoes in my closet. Bye flip flops, hello boots. 😦

Like I mentioned a little bit earlier, Matt and I just finished up a humongo dinner. I made Foreman chicken, fresh stringbeans, corn on the cob (unfortunately this was from the grocery store I got last week, and not the farmer’s market), and Caesar salad. We’re both pretty stuffed right now.

So I realized just before starting this post that in all the is-mom-coming-or-not confusion I never spent my $20 for the week. I was going to get a New York Times weekend subscription (I really miss my Sunday Times) but I didn’t want it to start until after I have the time of my life next weekend with mom. So I thought to myself, “Self, how am I going to spend $20 at 8:00 on a Sunday night in Forest Hills. I know! Lottery tickets!”

I feel like I’m cheating a little bit since this was one of dad’s suggestions about how to use the money. But I really like that idea. Plus Matt’s been studying for the LSAT all weekend and it would be fun to have a little lottery break. So I’m off to the 24/7 deli to get the tickets and pictures will follow.

Hope you’re having fun in P-Burgh and I’ll talk to you soon.

[Edit] So we finished up the lottery tickets. Matt was ECSTATIC when he saw all the LTs in one place. Soon our ecstasy turned into sadness when we finished all the tickets with 0 wins. But then, thank god for double checking, I saw that we did in fact win $10! But that means we also lost $10 Oh well… it was much needed fun on a blah Sunday night!

20 Dollars = Mani/Pedi

September 19, 2008

So here is my new blog. I switched over from Travbuddy because creepy people look at my profile and creepy people don’t need to see what I do with my life.

Anyway, this will be where I post about all the crazy adventures and fun things I do, all on your dime of course.

So to kick it off, I’ll tell you all about my weekend. Because some LOSERS canceled on me at the last minute, I had a whole weekend ahead of me and zero plans (Matt was going to NJ for the weekend and I didn’t want to go). I tried making plans with a few people (Sarah, Colleen, Jess, even Krupa) but everybody was all booked up.

So Friday I just relaxed at home and Saturday I went shopping. You saw everything I got on the other blog so there’s no need to go into too much detail.

Then Sunday, Sarah’s plans fell through so we spent the day together. We had brunch at this little cafe just down the block from her apartment in Astoria. I got pancakes and they were AMAZING. Loved it.

While we were eating, we tried to figure out what to do with the day. Sarah mentioned wanting to get mani/pedi’s and I was hesitant at first. I had already cut and filed my nails the night before and had planned on polishing my nails when I got home later. Plus, why pay for something when you can do it yourself for much less money?

But then, I remembered about our whole $20 a week deal and I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to splurge a bit. The whole point of this idea was for me to be able to do some fun things that I wouldn’t necessarily do on my own. And this, for sure, was something I wouldn’t jump at with my own cash.

So we went to this place a few blocks away. I don’t know anything about prices for this type of thing. I mean, the last, and only other, time I got a manicure was with Lisa. I got blue nail polish, which, I hope, indicts how long ago that was. But Sarah said it was $15 for both the mani & pedi, which is pretty cheap. So I said why not.

First we had to pick our color nail polish. Mom would have so much trouble making that type of decision because there were literally 200 different shades to pick from. I had no idea even what type of color I wanted (dark vs. light) so that took a little bit of trial and error to find a shade I liked. I wound up going with this pink color. I don’t have anything like it at home and it looked pretty.

So first up was our pedicure. We weren’t able to sit next each other because there weren’t two adjacent seats, so we sat with one girl between us and we both read magazines. I was a little hesitant at first about having somebody else touch my feet (you know how I feel about feet) but once I sat down, I was hooked. First my feet sat in the little mini hot tub contraption while I waited for somebody to came over. Then she cut and filed my nails a bit (of course, there wasn’t too much work since I had already done that the night before). She also buffed my feet, rubbed some lotion, and overall it felt pretty good. I decided to go with French on my toes because that’s something I really can’t do on my own. So she did that, and I was really happy with the results.

I actually liked the French so much that I wanted to do that on my fingernails too. Unfortunately, my nails were a little too short and she suggested I stick with the color I picked out. That’s fine; I think she was right. I think it wouldn’t have look a little silly because I did cut my nails pretty short. So, she did the whole polishing thing again. I watched her to pick up tips on how to get the polish so smooth and perfect. I don’t think I can do as a good a job as she did (especially on my own nails) but I think I learned a few things.

So before getting the manicure you have to pay (I guess so you don’t just walk out afterward? I don’t know). But anyway, she said it was $19 so I was like, “Sweet, I hate having to figure out tips, I guess it’s just included in the price.” Yea… so I was saying that to Sarah after we left and she was like “uhhh the tip’s not included. It was $19 because you got French tip on your toes.” By this time we were a few blocks away which kinda sucked. We did a few things and then went back so I could give this poor lady her tip. I thought it would be kinda awkward going back in because at that point at least 30 minutes had passed. But I saw it right away and it was fine. I just felt pretty stupid. But what else is new?

All in all, I gotta say… I’m pretty hooked. I wouldn’t do this type of thing every week, but I could see myself indulging once a month or so. It’s nice to have somebody do this for you, especially if they do a better job. It’s Thursday night right now, 4 1/2 days since I went. The toes are in great shape but the fingers are starting to chip a little. Nothing too bad, I’ll probably keep it on for a few more days.

So after our little spa trip, we decided to head over to Astoria Park. I had never been there before and she said it was really nice and had a great view of Manhattan. We had to take the train and it took us a bit to get there, but the view was really nice. It would have been even nicer at night or at least on a clearer day. But still, a great view.

We sat in the park for a bit and then, because it was a killer day, wanted to get some Mr Softy. We wait it in line, only to find out that he only has vanilla ice cream. WTF! We were even talking in line about how much we hate vanilla custard and chocolate is the only flavor we liked. Since that was clearly unacceptable we headed back to the train because there was a Mr Softy right there.

We got our ice cream and sent on a bench deciding what else to do with the day. We (okay, Sarah) came up with the idea to cook dinner together. So we went to the grocery store and wound up making pasta with sauce and salad. It was delish and totally adorable.

By the time we finished up it was time for me to call it a night. So I headed back home after a pretty sweet weekend.

My week so far has been pretty crazy, which is why I haven’t written this until just now. Monday was dinner with Uncle Steve. We wound up going to a (pretty pricey) Italian place just a block from the hotel. I saw a few things I liked on the menu outside but when we got in they weren’t on the menu. I said something about that to Uncle Steve and he said he noticed too and was going to ask about that. Apparently, I liked stuff on the lunch menu but they were able to accommodate me (it was just angel hair with marinara sauce). It was really good though. I really liked it.

And then Tuesday night was Matt and my anniversary. We went to Max Brenner’s in Union Square, which is a restaurant known for their chocolate desserts, and it was delicious and adorable. We shared dessert and it was really yummy.

Wednesday was dinner with Matt and Jess. We went to an asian place a block from her dorm, which worked out well because I was able to get Chinese and they were able to get Thai. It was pretty good and they did this really cool thing with their oranges after the meal. I really should have taken a picture. It was just so cool.

Tonight, I was thinking of having dinner with Colleen, but I didn’t hear back from her so I just headed home instead. Which works out for the best, because now I’m writing this!

In terms of this upcoming weekend, Friday I have tentative plans with Sarah. Saturday I have no plans. Probably errands and cleaning. Saturday night is Matt’s big battle of the bands. And then Sunday I’m going with Matt to NJ for his grandfather’s unveiling. So if you have any messages for Grandpa I can give them to him.

And that’s the story morning glories. Time for me to get back to last night’s episode of Project Runway. Cheerio!

Hello world!

September 19, 2008

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