60 Dollars = Tickets to a Broadway Show (Part 2)

(Sorry for the lack of paragraphs… but enjoy!)

SATURDAY Jennifer, here. So Saturday morning started by being woken up to an unnecessary text from my father asking about the all important medicine. No dad, I didn’t take my medicine in my sleep. But now that I’m up…Shortly after, Emily awoke to me insanely close to her face and staring at her, in true creepy fashion. With a few stretches and yawns, we woke up and decided to make waffles for breakfast. One recipe would be perfect for us, so I got the egg and milk and mix, Emily got the kitchenware, and we teamed up to make waffles. The first waffle turned out beautiful, so naturally, I took it. On one half I put chocolate chips and folded it so the steam would melt them, and on the other half I put strawberry jelly. As I’m preparing my delicious breakfast I hear Emily emit a strange noise and go “My waffle feel on the floooooooor.” God knows how that happened. And you know, I’m a giver, so I told her I’d share my waffle. But she was dead set on having her own. So as I eat, she whipped up another half a batch and made herself a new waffle and joined me. It was yummy and as we ate we attempted to think of things to do, but ultimately decided with the crummy weather, we’d just stay in. After eating and cleaning up TOGETHER (yes, I’m a good guest), we hopped back into her bed to chill out. We alternated between reading fmylife.com, taking funny pictures (the first set below are from Saturday), and watching videos on Hulu. We each picked a Family Guy to watch (we both made excellent selections) as well as watched some other random stuff. By this point it’s like three or four in the afternoon, and we decide to get some Chinese food for dinner. We each picked a dish ( I chose chicken in garlic sauce and Emily chose sweet and sour chicken), then we decided to get some vegetable lo mein, and since it was really cheap we got a big container, and then Emily said their string beans were really good, so we decided to get those too. Of course we had a coupon which got us free sesame chicken, so I’d say we were set on the food department. When the food came, it was so much! But neither of us could stop eating. It was at this point I realized I was drinking soda past the expiration date, and fearing death, I called dad to check it out for me, halfway through speaking realizing there was a computer right in front of me that I could have checked it myself. But that was okay since while we were eating we watched Made of Honor which despite what Emily says, I foresaw a few possible endings and it wasn’t COMPLETELY predictable. When the movie ended and we cleaned up from dinner, it was time to go to Chelsea to see Upright Citizens Brigade. When we got there, there was already a pretty long line, but I feel like its about where we always are on line and not too much of a problem. Matt was meeting us for the show, but I guess since Emily was early with timing with everything this weekend, he compensated by being late. Emily waited outside the theatre for him while I went inside and quickly reserved three seats. The show we were seeing was called Reuben Williams Attacks! And it was hilarious. The first half of the show were improv skits inspired by a word or phrase yelled out by the audience (for us, the phrase was Hootie and the Blowfish). Emily imagines that every single idea was made up right there on the spot, but I think the performers have a general pre planned gist of different skit ideas for that night and the improv comes through the dialogue and how to incorporate the word. The second half of the show, they asked for a volunteer from the audience…someone who had something cool happen to them that week. With Matt’s futile attempt to raise our hands, a guy was picked a few seats down from us. They started asking things about him…where from, job, background, things like that. And just that conversation alone was hilarious. This guy, according to Matthew, was a “douchebag”. To me, he could have been Ms. Bartlett’s son (a la my impersonation of her). So the rest of the show were improv skits based off of the information they gathered about this guy, and they were so funny. The show ended at midnight and Matt asked us to go get dessert at a diner, but we were stilled stuffed from dinner and went our separate ways.

SUNDAY Sunday morning I awoke to an alarm because we had to get out semi early to get rush tickets to Chicago. Despite my several snoozes back to sleep and leaving the apartment later than Emily wanted, we still got to the theatre with no one else in sight waiting for tickets. The good news…we get the first tickts! The bad news…paranoia. “Maybe they aren’t doing it today. Are you sure the box office opens at noon? Etc”. Eventually the line grew longer and the stupidity of people shone. Imagine, a line of people standing outside the doors to the ticket box. People continually walk up to the door, attempting to open it or look inside, asking when it opens (THERE’S A SIGN ON THE DOOR) and asking if there are rush tickets (NO, I JUST LIKE STANDING ON LINES FOR NO PURPOSE). Anyway, we got our tickets, and made our way over to the Museum of Natural History. Emily was scared to buy our tickets for a dollar a piece, but I had no problem doing it since I’m sure they are used to it. So we got our tickets and started walking around. We went to a bunch of different exhibits, saw some cool stuff, saw some creepy stuff, saw some scary stuff! My favorite moment had to be when a bunch of little kids were staring at a diorama of the Neanderthals exclaiming “I saw here pupils move!” “I saw her hair move!” “I saw her blink!” “I think those are real people!” “Me, too!” “Me, three!” “Me, four!”. Around 2:30 we were trying to figure out what to do next since we wanted to eat at 5:30. We decided to go see Adeventureland which Emily and I agreed was a good movie. Not one of those laugh out loud the whole time, but there were some really funny parts and lots of chuckles. And the timing was perfect (and the theatre wasn’t far from the Chicago theatre). So we walked along 9th Avenue to find a place to eat, along the way seeing, as Dad refers to it, “Five Finger Burger”, but to the rest of the world, its “Five NAPKIN Burger”, I snapped a picture, sent it him, and assumed he was dead since I never got a response. We settled on a small Italian restaurant I don’t even remember the name to but it was quaint and fairly busy so we figured it must be good. We got fresh mozzarella as an appetizer. It was very very good, though a bit over priced, but hey, we are just livin’ in up! Emily got chicken parmigian and I got eggplant parmigian. Both were very good. I was a bit scared because I realized the eggplant still had the skin on, but I was a brave little toaster and tried it. Though it wasn’t horrible, I wouldn’t knowingly order it again like that. But both Emily and I ate until we were full. We then walked over to the theatre, perfect timing, found our seats, or rather, our general vicinities, and got settled for the show. The view was perfect. And the show was amazing as well. The dances were so on point and intricate, it was really cool! Both of us enjoyed it and agreed standing wasn’t too horrible (just near the end we got a bit antsy). We went back to Emily’s apartment and started watching the movie Smart People, and despite it’s setting in Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon (which I’m very impressed with myself that I recognized Donner Hall just from the outside building shot) the movie was weird and slow and boring so we turned it off. Emily went to bed, and I stayed up a bit later.


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