60 Dollars = Tickets to a Broadway Show (Part 1)

I know this post is soooooo late (psych) but the best things come to those who wait. And, were we to just sit at home and write up a blog we wouldn’t have anything to write about, now would we? I’m tackling a recap of Friday and Sunday, and Jennifer’s taking Saturday and Monday. So sit back and enjoy the read. Part 1 is ready.


So, flashback to Friday. Jennifer’s bus was supposed to get in at 5:00. She kept updating me on the status of her bus and around 4:00, 4:30 I was getting nervous. It seemed like she may actually get in on time. But then the Lincoln Tunnel happened. And as we all predicted, the traffic was insane. Like one mile per hour insane. Like everybody on the bus calling everyone they know saying “I’ve never seen traffic like this!” insane. Okay maybe not that insane. Maybe just normal Friday traffic. But anyway, her bus arrived a few minutes after 6:00 which couldn’t have been any better. I was able to meet her at the stop with only a few minutes to spare. A good start to the weekend.

Then we headed to my apartment because, I don’t know if you guys know, but Jennifer had medicine that needed to be refrigerated. Or else. She. Would. Die. So we went to my house and threw the medicine in the fridge (before even going to the bathroom or taking off our coats, mind you). Then we decided to head back out to the grocery store to get snacks galore. We got a whole yummy stash: spicy doritos (obvs), popcorn, and chocolate chocolate chip cookies. It felt like there was more, but I guess it’s because I had some other junk in the house already. But anywho we headed back to my house to at least attempt to eat some healthy dinner before pigging out on our snacks. We had some of my faux minestrone, which Jennifer claims to have liked but you guys can ask whether she was just being nice or did like it. After that, we just chit chatted (aka bonded– you guys can smile happy) and watched some stuff online. We did a bunch of research, trying to find something to do indoors on Saturday. It just wasn’t working out… everything fun was either outside or expensive or not something we both wanted to do. So we went to sleep without much of a plan. We just wanted to sleep in and take it from there.


And then there was Monday, our final day in the city. We woke up, skipped breakfast so that we were nice and hungry, and headed downtown to the financial district. It was a beautiful day (although it could have been a bit warmer). The sky was blue and a great day for outdoorness. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge… writing that, I’m still shocked that Jen did it. As I wrote in an IM before she came, “she’s going up!”

We acted like total tourists (by we, I mean me) and took a bunch of pics of the skyline, the bridge, and ourselves. The walk wasn’t as long as I remembered and shorter than Jennifer expected. We were able to walk across pretty quickly, and, for once, I didn’t get completely lost once we got to Brooklyn. We were able to walk 1-2-3 over to Grimaldi’s… only to be greeted by the typical line. Maybe I was a bit naive going into it, but I really thought that on a Monday afternoon it wouldn’t be too crowded. Maybe a tiny bit of a wait but not the line I’m used to seeing when I go there on the weekend. So we waited in line, listening to this typical Brooklyn retard talk about how awesome Grimaldi’s is. “Yea, man, they could, like, spit in my food and I’d still eat here. It’s awesome, man.”  That was amusing and definitely passed the time.

Once we got inside it was crowded as usual. Had to wait a while for our pizza to come out, but, like Jen said, it was definitely worth it. We got the small 14″ pie which meant we each had 3 smallish slices. It was delicious and filling and the perfect amount of pizza. Afterward, we headed out the pier for ice cream and photos. Unfortunately the amazingly delicious homemade ice cream shop on the pier was closed on Monday (I’m still upset about that) but we were able to still take pics. As you can see, they were lovely. We had fun jumping around and being goofy.

Then we headed back to the Hills. We stopped at a gelato place by my house but by that point I was over the whole ice cream thing. Jen got a strawberry and it was really really good. We got back to my house, uploaded all the photos to my computer, and then it was time to head to the bus already. In retrospect I did give us probably too much time to get there, but with little Ms. Draggy Feet and the fact that it was rush hour, I wanted to give us extra time rather than not enough.

We got there 50 minutes early — oops — and for the first time mega bus was absolutely insane. Usually it’s organized chaos, but for once it was actual chaos. There were buses every 10 minutes going to a bunch of different cities and was just a little disorganized. They didn’t wind up lining up for Jen’s bus until like 10 minutes before it arrived, meaning all these losers that got there after us wound up in front of the line! We were steaming, but it wound up fine in the end because as Jen told me the bus was super empty. If it were super crowded I would have been super pissed.

Kind of ironic that the trip began with a great, perfect bus experience and then ended with a poopy one.

And that, folks, is it. I hope that you aren’t still upset about how this blog came about. I know you said you wanted us to “write it together” but when people write together it’s hardly collaborative. It’s very difficult to write every word jointly; what usually happens is that people give and take. And that’s exactly what we did, gave and took sections. I’m sorry if you’re not happy with the outcome.

We had a great, fun, fabulous, busy (except for Saturday) time — which is exactly what you guys were hoping for. We talked, we bonded, we laughed, we did grown up things, we took retarded pictures. Couldn’t have asked for anything more. And I hope that you’re happy for us and don’t dwell on this blog situation. Because we had a great, fun time and that’s all that matter in the end.


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