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20 Dollars = New Clothes

March 21, 2009

So it feels like it’s been a whirlwind of a week, but looking back it actually hasn’t been too busy. Last weekend I went shopping on Saturday with Matt and Jess at Queens Center Mall, which is when I was able to spend my $20. Their mom forwarded us an email that had a 30% off coupon for Gap Inc. stores (Gap,  Old Navy, Banana Republic) as part of a friends/family discount thing. So we all wanted to take advantage of that sale. Plus, Matt wanted more dress clothes for his job at his dad’s company and I just plain need new clothes that actually fit/aren’t jeans and t-shirts. All in all I’d say we were successful.

We spent a bunch of time in the Gap. I told Matt beforehand not to get his hopes up on this coupon. I remember distinctly telling him that Gap can be pricey and that even 30% off at Gap may still be more expensive than other stores like H&M. Well, what do you know, after browsing around for a little bit I ask him if he found anything and he said “it’s too expensive here!” I guess Emily knows best.

Usually I don’t go to the Gap for the same reason. I know there stuff isn’t all that expensive, but I’m cheap and to me it’s kind of expensive. But my mission this weekend was to try to look beyond the money and find clothes that 1) I liked 2) fit me well 3) were something I didn’t already own 4) were a bit nicert than my usual stuff 5) weren’t obscenely expensive.  So I grabbed some stuff that I normally would say no to because of price and tried it on. Turns out, I really liked it. I bought 2 tops there and I was going to post pics of it but I think I’m going to wear it while I’m home so I’d like to save it for in-person viewing.

Then, we made a quick stop into Banana Republic. I didn’t think that was a good idea at all considering it’s more expensive than the Gap, but Matt just wanted to “see what they had.” So we went, and we actually found a long sleeve button down on sale that fit him really well. And then with the added discount it was normally priced. So that was a surprising success. I didn’t even look for me because the girls side was so crowded. Thinking back I probably should have sneaked a peak but oh well.

Then it was off to H&M because, let me just repeat, I was right that the Gap was too expensive and that H&M is the way to go. Matt found another long sleeve button down and I found a few things I liked there, too. As seen in the glorious photo posted below, I got a grey cardigan (I don’t own any cardigans, so I figured it was about time), a grey and white striped scarf (okay, I know I already own plenty of scarves, but I don’t own a grey one, white one, or a striped one!), and another mystery item which I shall be wearing this weekend.

We went to a couple other stores but didn’t buy anything else. We then headed back to Forest Hills for dinner. We went to Arianna’s, that pizza place on Austin St. that Dad and I went to and got good italian food. We all shared a pizza and it was good. If I ever got pizza delievery, which I haven’t gotten since Angeleo’s, I would probably order from there.

Then we parted ways. They took the LIRR back into the city and I went back to my apartment to get my things for a work sleepover. We had a fun time as usual. Got a lot of junk food. It’s always different, but this time we had popcorn, cheese puffs (which I could NOT stop eating. I haven’t had those since like middle school I forgot how amazing they are), and mini peanut butter cups. We watched the Sex and the City movie which James DL-ed illegally. It was good but shit I forgot how long it was. Usually we watch a bunch of stuff when we sleepover but this movie was so freaking long that was about it.

The next morning we went into work. The bosses were there, which we didn’t know, and they didn’t know we were coming. They seemed really happy to see us there. Like usual, we got a ton of work done without all the annoyances that the other people bring with them. We got through a ton of high-priority magazines, which we would have had to dealt with on Monday. After I got home I sent my manager, Mike, an email about what we did, and how much we got done, etc. Instead of saying something like “wow, thanks for coming in and getting that done” or “wow, you guys got through so much” or “wow, that’s really going to help us catch up” he simply said “you guys come in on Sunday a lot.” The whole concept of him being a boss is just ridiculous to me at this point. I think once we move into the new space — which may be as soon as 2 weeks! — we will have even less interaction with him since we will literally be divided from everybody else by a wall of magazines. I cannot wait.

This past week was Matt’s spring break. He decided to come to my apartment each night after work so we could hang out, which is something we never, ever do on week nights. So he commuted from NJ (NJ tranist –> subway), which is why I haven’t updated sooner. I was busy being your typical soccer mom, cooking dinner and waiting to eat until he got home. And I have to say, a week was enough. It was way too much pressure coming up with different ideas for dinner, especially since he’s a big meat-eater and I only eat meat a couple nights a week.

Monday I made stir fry with my new sauce that I like. Sarah had this brand called Soy Vey (awesome) and I surprisingly liked it, even though it had sesame seeds in it. So I made a chicken, string bean, and snow pea stirfry, and I made myself eggdrop soup (which Matt doesn’t like). Of course, like every meal I make, this one was full of disasters. I made way too much rice and it wound up being sticky. I didn’t make enough chicken or enough stirfry in general. But we survived.

Tuesday I made fettuccine alfredo with chicken and peas on the side. Again, with the screwups, I didn’t make enough sauce and then I didn’t have time to heat up more, so we wound up having to microwave our plates before even eating. But, again, it worked out fine in the end.

Wednesday I did not screw up. I made homemade pizza with this yummy frozen dough I got from the grocery store a little while back. And, Miss. Haha-you’re-a-loser-when-are-you-ever-going-to-use-a-pizza-wheel (Jennifer), I took a picture to show you that OMG I used the pizza wheel and it was awesome! So suck it.

And then last night, like ever soccer mom, I was worn out from cooking. I decided to surprise Matt with Boston Market, which he absolutely 100% love and absolutely 100% refuse to get. He was so surprised and loved it. I thought it was eh. I could have made myself what I got for a lot less money.

And now here we are. Tonight Matt has his Allman Brothers concert with his friend so I had a very low-key night. By low-key I mean I did basically nothing since I got home. I did watch RuPaul’s drag-race because with Matt over I missed all my shows. I haven’t seen Top Model or Gossip Girl and I think a new season of Greek started that I can watch on youtube… I have so much TV to watch!

This weekend I don’t have too much planned. I think I’m going to wake up early tomorrow and do some errands (groceries, laundry) and head out to Bed Bath. I don’t really have anything in particular I want to buy, but I have a bazillion coupons and I still want to get some more decorative things/art work/curtains/kitchen stuff. So I’ll just shmy and see what they have. And then I’m going to meet up with Matt at some point. We wanted to actually do some sort of fun activity but the weather is still yucky and I can’t really think of anything good. The only thing I can think of is that new movie I Love You, Man, which I’m sure Jennifer knows about but Mom and Dad don’t. Unfortunately, that came out today but Matt’s coupon from the entertainment book is only good for movies out for 10+ days and you know we’re die-hard coupon people. So that will have to wait for another time. So, long story short, I have no idea what I’m going to do beside my usual boring weekend errands.

I think I’m going to watch one of the above TV shows as I straighten my hair. I did order my curling iron a couple days ago and I’m hoping it will arrive tomorrow. It was sent USPS and their online tracking sucks balls so I actually have no idea when it’s supposed to arrive. I hope it’s tomorrow though cuz I want to be able to play around with it and then use it for work on Monday.

That’s a wrap ya’ll.