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20 Dollars = (Almost) A Pair of Shoes

February 27, 2009

So I finally figured out where I wanted to spend my $20. Sorry, dad, I know you were banking — literally — on the fact that I wouldn’t figure out what I wanted to buy for another couple of weeks or so. Well, I did. It was random and completely unexpected.

Last night I decided that I wanted to go to Whole Foods in Union Square after work. I wanted a different size reusable grocery bag since the one I currently use to bring my lunch to work is way too big. So I go down to Union Square and it is pure and utter mayhem. The crowd, the line, the people. It was absolutely insane.  No way was I going to wait forever for just a bag.

So I leave Whole Foods, a little sad because 1 I didn’t have the bag I wanted to get and 2 I went downtown for absolutely nothing. As I was about to call the night a total bust, I remembered that there was a DSW right next door. I decided to go take a look, hoping that winter shoes were on sale.

And I was right. They had a bunch of cute winter flats on sale but a lot of them were too blah and boring for me. Then I came across a pair that looked like a winner. They were tan, a color I desperately wanted so that I could finally throw out a pair of tan shoes from middle/high school. They were also cute, confortable, and stylish. And they were only a little bit over $20. Perfect!

I decided to browse the non-sale section for a change before I checked out. I was looking for a pair of black boots, either flat or with a small heel, that were motorcycle-y and trendy. Then I came across the pair in the second picture and I fell in love. They were a bit more expensive than the other pair (okay, a lot) but I knew I had to have them. All winter I kept thinking to myself, “as soon as I find the right pair I should spend a little bit of money. I’ll get a lot of use out of them.” So with that thought in mind I decided to buy them. The last pair of shoes I bought were sandals at TJ Maxx about 6 months ago, so I deserved it.

Now that I explained the $20 story, I can give a bit of an update on my life post Toy Fair. Things haven’t been too eventful. Have been seeing “Matt” more often now that the LSAT’s are over. This past weekend we went to Key Food on the way home from work Friday and I swear Matt was dad. He acted like he was in a museum. First, he spent about 15 minutes pondering which kind of brownie mix to get. He really wanted to get the Key Food but I said no, for that I really like the name brand better. But then there was chewy fudge, and chocolately fudge, and omigod! so many choices. After all that, we wound up not getting any.

Then, he wanted to get more French onion dip to go with his potato chips. Oh boy. He found a prepackaged kind, but then he already had the onion mix at my house. Should he get the prepackaged kind or the sour cream? When does the sour cream expire? Which one is cheaper per ounce? After another 15 minutes or so he decided to get both. The sour cream for the night, the prepackaged one for “later” (because they may run out of that hot ticket item).

We made tacos together (yes, together) and it was fun. I want to make the macaroni and cheese tomorrow but I have to see if he’d want to. He’s not a very big pasta fan, which sucks because you know I can’t get enough of it. I think I’m also going to bake something this weekend. Like I told mom I found a ton of recipes I want to try in this cooking magazines at work, but I think I don’t have the pans for most of them. Today I read one that’s a cold chocolate peanut butter banana loaf cake. I wanted to make it right away. But I don’t have a loaf pan. So I think I’ll probably wind up making cookies. And, as I learned in the magazine, I can pre-roll the dough into balls and then freeze them so I don’t wind up eating a whole batch of cookies myself, like I usually wind up doing.

Let’s see. What else. Have been seeing Sarah regularly still. Had my work sleepover this past weekend (which I told you about, DAD, and you did not just hear from Jen). That was fun. Like I told Dad we watched the Italian job, which I actually liked a lot. I think I just like serious/action movies if it involves people stealing things. Also went into work on Sunday which was a lot of fun. The boss man bought us all bagels and it was just quiet and easy going.

Oh, yea, work. So I know I was complaining about us not moving… Well we are moving and very soon. We’re moving offices in mid-April a bit farther uptown: 37th and 8th. The location kinda sucks for me because my commute will probably be longer rather than shorter. Going home won’t be too bad. I’ll just take the E at 42nd. But if I want to continue taking the local in the morning I’ll have to walk from either Broadway or 6th. I’ll have to do some test runs to see what works best.

James and I have also been very involved in the whole moving process. While we were in on Sunday we talked with Todd for almost an hour about the layout of the new office. We gave him a ton of input and great ideas about how to effectively lay out our portion of the office. Then, yesterday, he had me take a yardstick and give him measurements to give to the architect. Mind you, our manager Mike, wasn’t involved in any of this… just us. He was only cc-ed on some of the emails Todd sent to us about the blueprint.

I’m so excited for the move. Clearly,  Todd trusts our ideas and thoughts… more than anybody elses’s in the office! Plus, James and I will basically have the entire area to ourselves (we’ll be seperated from the other team by a big rack of magazines). So I won’t have to hear/see them constantly laughing, socializing, going on coffee runs, checking facebook, and going on gmail. I think it will be amaaaazing.

This weekend is the robot competition (oy). Since I’m such a supportive, amazing gf I will go. I just requested that I get to use Matt’s iphone while I’m there. Fair enough. Other than that, nothing planned. Sunday I really want to make another batch of soup (or two). I still have dill, parsley, onion, and celery left over so I want to use them before I lose them. Plus, I want to try to make it better than I did last time.

That’s about it.  Gotta go watch the Top Chef finale from last night and straighten my hair. See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!