20 Dollars = New Board Game

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted last… I don’t know if I can sum up what I did in the past 2 months since my last post but I can talk about this past weekend!

So this weekend was a lot of fun. Thursday night (and last Thursday night) Sarah and I had an Office party. Basically, she came over (she has her car with her… makes things a lot easier) and we cooked dinner and watched the Office/30 Rock.

That’s the one thing I love about getting together with her… when I get together with other people we wind up going to a restaurant or getting take out, so I wind up spending a lot of money and eating unhealthy food. But Sarah’s on the same page as I am–she likes to cook dinner rather than eat out. So on Thursday we both cooked our own dinners (she’s a vegetarian and doesn’t eat any dairy so it’s pretty difficult for us to eat the same thing).

Then Friday night I went over to her house for a sleepover. Both cooked our own dinners again. Hung out, went on facebook, just had a fun night. Then Saturday we went shopping. I wanted to go to one of the outlets dad sent us but the good ones were all pretty far out on LI. So, instead we wound up going to Ikea and planned on going to Roosevelt Fields (mall).

Ikea was awesome. I think I officially know that store layout by heart. We only went to the marketplace area (not the furniture area) and I got a bunch of random stuff that I don’t necessarily need right now, but may need down the line and don’t want to shell out a ton of money for. As you can see in the pics, everything I got was red–not exactly the same red as my kitchen but close enough.

Let’s see… I got spatulas (that’s actually something I need now), a hand-held cheese grater, pizza wheel, new measuring spoons, and funnels. I also got cheap batteris and one of those mats to put under your rug so it doesn’t slip (something I DESPERATELY need for my living room rug).

So, we went to check out… I got my stuff and Sarah’s (we’ve been using her car a lot and Iwanted to do my part to pay her back for gas) and I went to use my Ikea cash coupons. I had $75 in coupons and the totals was like $60 or something like that. So I give the cashier my coupons and she’s like “Well I used the 2 coupons for a total of $50. You have $13 left. You can either use your $25 coupon and not get any money back or pay the difference and keep this coupon.” I was like ummm… wtf. Why would anybody go “you know what Ikea, I think I will spend $25 to get $13 worth of stuff! Thanks!” So basically I still have $25 left that I’m sure will go to great use.

Then we grabbed some lunch at On the Border, a chain Mexican restaurant. I tried enchiladas for the first time and liked them. But as Matt says, all Mexican food is the same so I guess it wasn’t too too new. But it was new and I was proud.

Then we headed to Target (the Target that dad and I went to). It was glorious… It was an actually suburban Target not the insane shitshow that is the Queens Target. We spent so much time there that by the time we left it was dark outside. I got a bunch of stuff… used my Hanukkah gift card from Matt’s fam to get seasons 1 and 2 of Greek on DVD. I am so obsessed with that show it’s not even funny. I watched all 34 episodes of the course of like a week and half (that’s like 30 hours fyi). I never thought I would like that show cuz ya know it’s about frats/sororities and I hate that stuff, but the show is incredible and the most accurate representation of youth/college I’ve ever seen. Okay I’ll stop gushing now.

So besides Greek, I got a little mat for the kitchen (there’s always water on the floor in front of the sink and it really annoys me). I like it a lot because it has red in it but it’s not in your face. I think it goes well.

I also got new placemats because I wasn’t too crazy about the ones I got at Ikea. There were a little small, so I couldn’t really fit a large plate and glass on it too well. And they didn’t wash so great. So I got new bigger ones that should be easier to watch. But I’m still keeping the old placemats, and I’m actually using them as decoration right now, as you can see in the pic.

And then, of course, I bought my $20 item of the week! I bought Cranium, the game I’ve been talking about wanting for like months and I am SO excited. It’s usually much more but it was on sale for exactly $20 and I felt like it was a sign that I just had to get it. Since my work friends are pretty into board games I plan on christening it with them.

So after Target we originally planned on going to Roosevelt Fields, but then we changed it to going to Broadway Mall, which is connected to Target. Well, by the time we finished shopping at Ikea and Target we were literally exhausted so we decided to skip the mall entirely. We went to the Walbaums down the street from Target (yay real supermarket) to shop for dinner. Then we headed back to my apartment and, yet again, cooked our respective dinners. We watched the first 2 episodes of Greek and, just like I suspected, she loved it, too.

Today was a bit lazier. I spent like 4 hours cleaning my apartment. I spent an entire hour cleaning my shower. The tiles were getting dirty and it was incredibly diffucult to clean. I used Comet (the powder kind) and water but it was still really really tough. Any ideas?  I really don’t want to spend another hour cleaning them again…

After that I started watching more Greek (I’m telling you–I’m obsessed!) And now here I am writing this. On my new laptop! I totally forgot to mention how amazing it is. I’m not living in fear of it getting unplugged and turning off. It’s not super burning my skin off. It is spectacular. Although I don’t regret waiting so long to buy a new laptop, I sure am happy I have this new one. Now all I need to get is a new TV and my big-ticket purchases are officially done. While we were on Target I did glance briefly at TVs. I tried to estimate how far my couch was from the TV and then look at the different sizes to pick out the best one. I think I decided that 40″ would be good. The 40″ Sony was amazing. It was also $1,000 so it wasn’t that amazing.

This week I plan on doing some errand-type things after work. Tomorrow I want to go to Pier 1 to exchange the teaset from Aaron and Susan. They have coasters I saw that I want to get there. They’re dark wood like my furniture–very nice and simple. Another night this week I want to go to Bed Bath & Beyond to get a few more kitchen things. I also want to go to Marc Jacobs to buy new rainboots. I got a pair from Target last year thinking they would last me a while considering my freshman year target rainboots lasted me about 2 1/2 years. Well one of them split right down the back, so I guess they just don’t make things the way they used to. So a need to get new rainboots before the next big rain.

Looks like dad just signed on IM. I better post this before he asks me where my new post is…


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