Twenty Dollars = Breakfast in Bed

Oh I’m sorry. I was too busy fielding sad IM’s with big frowning faces to write this post. Be less patient please! I said that I would update on Sunday and it will still be Sunday for another whole hour. I know my blog posts are the most important things in your life but the best things come to those who wait.

Okay, now that I got that out of my system, on to this week’s post. As you’re well aware Thursday night Matt and I went to AC… and it was awesome! I had so-so expectations. I was looking forward to taking the day off of work and having a little day trip but I wasn’t completely psyched about the whole AC part of the trip. As you remember my last trip there wasn’t the best, so I wasn’t expecting to have as much fun as I did.

So things kinda started off with a hiccup. I assumed, probably wrongly so, that our bus would be leaving from 8th and 31st, which would have been perfect since we both work right there. The bus left at 7 so that would have given as a good amount of time to grab a bite to eat, buy some snacks for the bus/hotel, and make our way to the bus.

Well… I didn’t learn until work was over Thursday night that the bus was actually leaving from Port Authority (“Oh, I thought you knew that!”) So things were a bit more rushed. We had to get food to eat on the bus and I wound up sweating it up on our journey 10 or so blocks uptown to the bus.

However, we made it to the bus with plenty of time to spare so all was forgotten. I also got another surprise that night when Matt showed me a line in our mega bus reservations that he missed: all riders will get a $20 voucher when they reach AC. Since we only paid $10 roundtrip that’s a pretty sweet deal. Matt and I have already started mapping out some schemes to pocket some of this free money for shopping or other adventures. The only downside would be that we would have to spend 5.5 hours on a bus to get our free money. But hey, free money is free money.

Oh, sorry, had to field another disgruntled IM. If some people would stop harassing me maybe I could get back to my update!

Anyway, we got on the bus, which was pretty empty and quiet. We talked, ate, listened to music, and before we knew it we saw the lights and we were there. We checked into the hotel (not before Matt complained about the line 50 times… just like my father) and settled into our room. It was nice… 18th floor of Bally’s.

Then we went back downstairs and I got my rewards card, figuring the line would be more manageable Thursday night rather than Friday afternoon. Then I played video poker for an hour so I could get my comp. Was up, was down, wound up being down. But I did have a few really lucky hands.

Then we headed over to Caesars, where the bus left us off, to get our vouchers. Turned out they actually weren’t vouchers, just cash which was pretty sweet. We played some more video poker then headed up for the night.

Friday we were able to do something that neither of us have ever done but have always wanted… used my $20 for the week to get room service! We checked out the menu the night before to see if it was even an option. The first thing I saw when I opened the menu was cold cereal for $4.50 (and $3.50 to add fruit) so I was like hell no, that’s such a rip off. But then when we looked at other dishes like eggs and pancakes they were completely normal-priced, if not reasonable. It was one of the more confusing menus I have seen.

Anyway, so we decided to go for it. I got pancakes with banana and Matt got a lox omelet. I doubt you can tell from the picture, but the serving sizes were huge! I literally could only eat half my dish and was done. It was sooo yummy and so much fun to have breakfast delivered to our bed. Thanks, mom and dad!

Then we checked out of our hotel and stored our bags away for the day. We decided to browse around the outlets before it got too rainy/dark later in the day. I really wanted to go to the J. Crew outlet because I really like their style of clothes but the regular store is way too expensive for me. Well, it turns out the outlet was way too expensive, too. They had these cardigans I loveddddd… but they were $60! I just couldn’t do it. I wound up getting really sad because I wanted to buy everything in the store but couldn’t afford anything.

So we headed to the Gap, which has similar stuff as J. Crew but for a little less money. Well, it’s a good thing we went because I found two new things I really wanted. 1) a simple black belt–something I don’t have but desperately need 2) a new coat!

As can be seen in the pictures, I got a new red peacoat (I heard your voice, mom, when I saw it saying how good I would look in a red coat). I really like it because it’s fairly warm but not too warm. It’ll be good for right now, but may not cut it during the heart of winter. I also like it because the cashier scanned some card and then apparently it was sale because it wound up going from $70 to $40. I mean, I was willing to pay $70 but I’ll take a 40% discount!

So after walking around a little bit more/Matt listening to me go “I can’t believe it was on sale! I didn’t know that! I want to go buy more things!” for a couple minutes, then it was back to the casino. We split up for a little bit because Matt wanted to play poker in a sectioned-off room where I could not watch. I played even more video poker. I was down, like usual, when I got a crap hand. So I decided to hold nothing and get five new cards. Well, I was dealt 4 Kings so with that I decided to bid the video poker aideu. (Unfortunately it was at a nickel machine and I think I only bet like 3 credits or so).

Even though I was bad mouthing them the whole time I decided to play slots for a little bit. I found a penny machine I like off in this little corner of Caesars. I was pretty confused about what hands won and what hands didn’t because it wasn’t your typical cherry-number kind of slots. It was like some weird Egyptian-pyramid thing. So I wound up playing and actually won a couple bucks a few spins (which is a lot considering it’s a penny machine).

I met back up with Matt, or should I say the big winner! He won $100 against a bunch of guys who brought way more money than he did. I was proud of him. Then he decided he wanted to play some blackjack so we headed over to the Claridge (“it’s not as old”). He was doing really well–he even got dealt blackjack once–but wound up losing the $40 he put in from his winnings. I really wanted to play with him but the minimum per hand was $10 and I just wasn’t feeling that adventurous. If it were like $1 a hand, I would have given it a try, but there’s no way I would have done $10.

Then we split up again; he went back to poker and I went back to slots. We were both losers this time. Although, I did have one AMAZING hand. Again, on a penny machine, I won $6 in one spin. As Matt said, what if that were a $1 machine instead. That would have been… incredible. But I was still happy $6 even though I left an overall loser.

Then we went to dinner in Bally’s. We went to 6ix Bistro, one of their sit down/nicer restaurants. The food was pretty good… we shared an appetizer, got entrees, and shared a dessert. Between my comp from opening a rewards card and Matt’s comps (he went from $2 to $23 in one day. We can’t decide whether it was from the poker or the room service) dinner wound up costing $10 including tax and tip.

So all in all, we had a pretty cheap vacation. After all the gambling Thursday night and Friday afternoon I think I only lost $40-$60 total (remember, $20 of that money was free from the casino). The hotel plus room was like $50 a person and food was maybe like $5 each. So all in all I think I spent about $100 out of pocket which is not too bad. Plus, I had a lot of fun on the casino floor, which I really didn’t expect.

Oh yea, one more thing before we move on from AC. Unlike last time, Matt and I did not get carded at all. Okay, well maybe twice. At the blackjack table the dealer said something like “you’re 21 right” and Matt said yea and went to pull out his wallet but the dealer shook his head and said it’s fine. And then right when were leaving Matt wanted to get in one more free drink and the waitress decided to card him. I mean, he’s at a casino…

So Friday night we wanted back to the city. We both fell asleep on the bus then I fell right asleep when I got home. I was pooped. Slept late (and I mean late). Then we decided to be a gross, mushy couple and went to the bank and grocery store together. Then I cleaned up a bit because, while we were out, Jess called wanting to make plans so we decided to invite her over for a sleepover. While Matt when into the city to get her a made a cake because it was her birthday on Friday. We surprised her with the cake as soon as they got to the apartment (she liked it a lot) and then we ordered Chinese food (which Matt’s mom paid for since it was like a birthday celebration dinner… sweet!).

We had a fun night… ate and watched TV on my laptop (I still say the Oprah episode of 30 Rock was amazing… “I don’t think it’s fair for me to be on a jury because I can read peoples’ minds”). Jess and I both took naps (because we’re old apparently) while Matt did some homework. We woke up in time to watch SNL and eat lots of junk food.

Went to bed, slept late (are you noticing a trend?). Then we had breakfast, or I guess at that point it was more like brunch, and went to the mall. We took the bus there, which I think was actually a much better way to go than the subway. On the weekends only the local R is running, so if you miss the train you could be waiting for a solid 20 minutes or so. I think I may actually take the bus for now on.

I got a few things at the mall… a new sweater, 2 new shirt wrap things, shower gel, and a new scarf (it’s an addiction! Although, in my defense, this one’s plaid with teal–a design and a color I don’t already own). We had a lot of fun going from store to store just schmying around.

Then we all came back to my apartment, ate leftover Chinese food for dinner and watched some Entourage. Then they headed home, I straightened my apartment, and listened to CHRISTMAS MUSIC as I wrote this post! That’s right–the Christmas music has begun. Unfortunately it was only for this weekend, but I’m sure once Thanksgiving rolls around it will be 24/7. AND, bonus, this station plays so many different songs/versions I’ve never heard before. This is gonna be the best Christmas ever!

I hope this post was long enough for you impatient souls. Unfortunately for you, I’m too lazy to proofread such a long a post (in case you haven’t been able to tell so far) so I hope you enjoyed all the typos!

Peruse the photos and listen to some Xmas music for me!


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