20 Dollars = Future AC Spending Money

Let me start of this post by saying that I haven’t yet spent my money; it will be spent this upcoming weekend. So this post is basically a round-up of the past week in Emily.

So the past workweek (ew, that sounds weird. I’m much more used to school week) went by well. Tuesday was election day/results anticipation. Wednesday was my cleaning night, which was kind of annoying. My cleaning routine is SO messed up. Usually Sunday is my cleaning day but with all the furniture madness I didn’t get around to it. I like doing my cleaning on the weekend rather than coming home from work, cooking dinner, eating, cleaning up, and then spending the rest of the night cleaning. I need to get back into my usual schedule.

Anyway, back to the week. Thursday I hung out with Sarah. We went Panera for dinner. Panera is an interesting place to me. It’s the only place in NYC that makes me feel like I’m home and, interestingly enough, the only place at home that makes me feel like I’m in NYC. Then we went back to her apartment and watched Arrested. I think the brilliance of that show can be summed up in the fact that I have literally seen every episode about a dozen times and I know exactly what is going to happen… but I still laugh. Truly amazing. If they make it into a movie (which I kind of hope they don’t, see Sex and the City movie) I would be first in line.

Then Friday I went out to a dinner I really didn’t feel like going to but wound up having a great time. A few weeks ago I wrote about going on a double date with Matt and his two friends. Well we went to dinner with them plus a couple of the girl’s friends. We went to a nice restaurant and had a table in the back room. It had a very weird menu — American, Asian, and Italian — and for the first, and probably last, time in my life I actually had trouble deciding what to order. I wound up getting stir fry and it was really good.

Saturday was a pretty lazy morning. Slept late but then was super productive around the house. Even though I only moved in a few months ago things were already getting a bit too disorganized for me. So I went through my linen closet and a few drawers in my kitchen getting everything straightened up and throwing garbage away.

Then we were going out with Matt’s family to celebrate Jess’ birthday. I rushed to straighten my hair, didn’t even finish, had to braid the unstraighten part, rushed to get dressed… and still managed to be late. Oh, and the kicker, my hair curled up immediately after leaving the house. We wound up getting to the restaurant on time but boy was it a stressful train ride.

We went to a VERY nice restaurant in the Meat Packing District. I managed to find something I ate (granted, a did have to special order it… no broccoli, please!) So we had a nice leisurely dinner and then the fam plus me walked around the neighborhood for a little while since it turned out being a nice night.

Then Matt and I went to UCB. I was a little disappointed in the show. It was funny but not nearly as funny as other shows I’ve seen there. By that time it was midnight and since I’m an old lady it was time to head home.

Today I woke up a tad bit earlier than yesterday (emphasis on the tad) and was completely and utterly unproductive. Usually I feel very stressed out/guilty/horrible when I spend the day doing nothing but I handled it pretty well today. Matt and I just watched stuff online (I FINALLY got him to watch more PUA).

Oh yea! We always lived our lives and had the most unhealthy brunch EVER! The backstory is that Matt went to Carmine’s this week and the group all shared their big ice cream sundae (the kind for a ton of people, like they do at A La Mode). So he wanted to try it at my house… so basically we took my big popcorn dish filled it with a quarter gallon or so of ice cream, loaded on the toppings, and ate that for brunch. It was incredibly unhealthy but also incredibly awesome.

Then I did my food shopping, we had a nice Mexican dinner (I refuse to eat that out anymore. It’s only good when I make it) and then he peaced out. I finished organizing/trashing, put some newer photos in some of my frames, and then took some pictures to send to Poppy. Edited Jennifer’s AMAZING essay, and here I am.

Like I said at the beginning of my post, no, I did not spend my money this week. As I told dad (and possibly only dad) Matt and I are taking a little trip to AC this weekend. We’re leaving Thursday night and spending the day Friday. With Megabus, non-weekend hotel stay, and comp-ed meals it should be a pretty cheap getaway. So I’m going to take this $20 and gamble it (hopefully without the guilt).

Until next time…


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